27 November, 2009

the artists studio - Titian

As a major new exhibition of Titian's work opens at the National Gallery in February 2003, BBC TWO will journey back to the 16th century to recreate the studio in which Titian composed the masterpieces that cemented his reputation as the greatest painter of the Venetian School. The Artist's Studio explores the engine room of creativity at the very heart of the artistic process, taking a fresh look at the life and work of Titian from within his own world. A team of experts in the fields of conservation, art history and architecture gather together clues, fragments and forensic evidence to physically reconstruct a replica of Titian's working environment. To this, the easels, canvases, props, and models that Titian would have used are added; and the intriguing and often messy practicalities of Titian's techniques demonstrated - from how he made his paints, to the secrets of his brushwork.

video from account of the sun (go here for the other parts)

part 1

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