29 October, 2009

Pøbel and Dolk - Norway

A time lapse animation of how to cut and paint a very large stencil in-situ. I first encountered Dolk's work in Berlin in 2006 and have also photographed it in Amsterdam. The artists here are Pøbel and Dolk.


"In the video 'Øde Dekor', we are presented with a theme that is well known in Northern Norwegian art and has become something of a cliché; The decaying house. From the 1970's counter-culture, to music, theater plays and the media in general, it is a symbol of emigration and centralization in the North. The theme is however presented in a new and refreshing way in this video.
The artists chose ten houses in Vestvågøy and decorated them in urban graffiti, in a way that brings new life in these sad monuments."
-Bodø Arts Center

Lofoten International Arts Festival 2006
Nordnorsken 2007


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