07 October, 2009

JR in Paris - Interview

JR Interview

Women are Heroes” is a project and an exhibition by the artist JR that coincided with this year’s Nuit Blanche in Paris, France.

Nuit Blanche - In english

For the Women are Heroes project, JR has been traveling to such countries as Kenya, Liberia and Sierra Leone, to take portraits of more than 70 women around the world. It’s the third phase of his 28 Millimetre project, taking its name from the wide-angle lens he uses. Around the Ile Saint-Louis, JR and his team pasted up portraits, studies and other photos from the Women project in huge formats on bridges, the embankments and a City of Paris building. JR conceived a “Street Audio Guide” system that enables passers-by to dial a free number from their mobile phones, to hear interviews with portrayed women and their life-stories.

VernissageTV correspondent Christophe Ecoffet met JR during the installation of his large scale photographs in Paris. In this video, JR talks about his work in general and the concept behind his current installation in Paris.

The open air installation around the Ile Saint-Louis is on display from October 3 to November 2, 2009. An exhibition with two video installations that look back over the whole project runs until October 23.
From Vernissage TV

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