04 September, 2009

Renew Newcastle

Renew Newcastle has been established to find short and medium term uses for buildings in Newcastle's CBD that are currently vacant, disused, or awaiting redevelopment.

Renew Newcastle aims to find artists, cultural projects and community groups to use and maintain these buildings until they become commercially viable or are redeveloped. Renew Newcastle is not set up to manage long term uses, own properties or permanently develop sites but to generate activity in buildings until that future long term activity happens.

Renew Newcastle was founded to help solve the problem of Newcastle's empty CBD. While the long term prospects for the redevelopment of Newcastle's CBD are good, in the meantime many sites are boarded up, falling apart, vandalised or decaying because they are is no short term for use them and no one taking responsibility for them.

Renew Newcastle has been set up to clean up these buildings and get the city active and used again.


Renew Newcastle is a low budget community driven initiative. We rely on the support and goodwill of the Newcastle Community and our supporters across Australia and around the world for our project to succeed. We welcome any support from the moral to the practical!

There are four key ways in which you can support Renew Newcastle.

If you are an artist, creative type or a community group you can Propose a project to Renew Newcastle. We are always keen to hear from people with strong ideas that will bring life and activity back to the Newcastle CBD.

If you are a property owner or are able to help us get access to transitional and vacant properties then we encourage you to Propose a Property.

Renew Newcastle relies largely on the support of many volunteers. If you want to lend us a hand then please visit our Volunteering page.

And finally, if you are cash rich and time poor Renew Newcastle is actively seeking donations to allow us to continue breathing life back to Newcastle. Please visit our donation section for information on how to donate.

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