28 September, 2009

CHart - UK

Welcome to CHArt's web site. CHArt was established in 1985 by art and design historians who happened also to be computer enthusiasts. Initially a forum for the exchange of ideas between people who were using computers in their research, the largely academic membership was soon augmented by members from museums and art galleries, as well as individuals involved in the management of the visual and textual archives and libraries relevant to the subject.

CHArt is a society open to all who have an interest in the application of computers to the study of art and design. We hold an annual conference and publish the conference proceedings, run an email discussion list and keep in contact with our members through a newsletter. CHArt also sponsors the World Wide Web Virtual Library for History of Art. You will find further details of all our publications and activities on this web site.



CHArt's annual conferences - read abstracts of papers from our recent conferences.

CHArt's email discussion list (Joining instructions & message archives)

Electronic CHArt: Teaching, Images, Internet - CHArt's first online project.

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: History of Art

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