21 July, 2009

Franck Gohier

Franck Gohier, "Target",
opening at Ray Hughes Gallery
this Friday 24th July, 6-8pm

Franck Gohier’s newest series, Target, directs his attention toward a new set of targets – the economy, environment and the NT intervention among them – with characteristic humour. Pop culture references, classic cartoon illustration and razor-sharp wit are the bullets in his gun.
“In my studio I appropriate the first comic book image I see that speaks to me. I then paint about the first subject that the image suggests on an instinctive level ......and so the painting develops. Chance and necessity......the rest is fine tuning.”


Franck is obviously a fan of both "Space invader" and "Faile" street artists. (see blakkbyrd blog for more info)

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