26 February, 2009

Vietnam Voices

Viet Nam Voices – Australians and the Vietnam War, is an exhibition that gives voice to the hidden lives and experiences of ordinary people during extraordinary times.

Using art created by Australian and Vietnamese war veterans, anti war protesters, and soldiers from both North and South Viet Nam, Viet Nam Voices is a deeply moving and delicate journey through personal and unofficial histories of the war and its effects on Australians. Each of the hundreds of works on exhibition is by someone who has been touched by the Vietnam War.

Hundreds of personal photographs from the private albums of Viet Nam veterans and their families, as well as drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, costumes, home movies and propaganda posters from private and public art collections Australia and Viet Nam will feature in the exhibition. All material in the exhibition has been sourced from within Australia.


Casula Powerhouse, 1 Casula Rd
31 January - 15 March, 2009

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