11 February, 2009

TAP Gallery - Darlinghurst

TAP Gallery is an 'open policy, artist-run collective' providing a forum for emerging artists to exhibit and promote their work. The Gallery is also a venue for visual and performing arts events.

Here you will find information on our many shows and events. We have art exhibitions opening every wednesday, and new shows in the theatre. There are many events going on to partake in, such as our 'Sketch Club' for life drawing, 'Club Tap' for Poetry & Song writing, and 'Caught Short' evenings of film. TAP also holds several annual Art Prizes.

Both the Exhibition Space and Theatre are available for hire from our services page.


We have two new sections opening soon. Our PROFILE pages where artists can permenantly exhibit all of their best works, and our online STORE were you can buy art from our talented local artists. Please contact us if you would like further information or would like to be included in either section.


In conjunction with World Environment Day, TAP Gallery annually holds the Environmental Art Award. We aim to highlight problems and solutions for looking after this amazing planet of ours.

First week of June
Entry fee: $25 per work per metre.
30% commission on sales [15% of which goes to an environmental organisation of the artist's choice]
Theme: The Environment.
Prize: $1000 in prizes


As part of the Kings Cross Culture Festival, TAP Gallery holds the IMAGES OF THE CROSS Art Prize. Artists are invited to enter works themed upon Cross.
Every October/November
Entry fee: $25 per work per metre. 25% commission on all sales.
Theme: Images of the Cross:
Open to interpretation - 'Cross' can be anything from good old Kings Cross, to religious connotations, to simply being angry.
Prize: usually $1000 in prizes.


Every January, TAP Gallery holds the annual Amnesty Internation FREEDOM Art Award. Artists are invited to enter works based on Freedom and Human Rights, or the lack of it. 15% of all sales goes toward the amazing job that Amnesty International does to protect the rights all over the world.

Every January
Entry fee: $25 per work per metre.
30% commission on sales [15% of which goes to Amnesty International]
Theme: Freedom and human rights.
Prize: $1000 in prizes.

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