15 December, 2008

Art for Humanity - Africa

Art for Humanity...'the art of human rights'

is a non-profit organisation based in Durban, South Africa which specialises in producing fine art print portfolios, exhibitions, billboards and research projects that advocate various human rights issues in South Africa and internationally. The Art for Humanity website serves as an online resource for those interested in human rights, art and social development. Click on link to view the AFH Blog.


Women for Children

AFH and partners have invited 25 women artists and 25 poets primarily from South Africa and the developing world, but also from the international community, to create art and poetry with the intention to inspire moral ownership of the rights of the child. We aim for each poem to be translated into any other South African language, to promote multilingualism and diversity.



See website for more info and reviews


This concept of combining poetry with prints reminds me of the collaboration between Print Australia and Poetryetc in 2002 entitled Dreams

Dreams Exchange
Dreams Poems

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