11 August, 2008

symposium on Neo-Censorship

International symposium on Neo-Censorship: 18-20 September

The main objective of the International symposium on Neo-Censorship: Threats to the Open Book is to examine on an international level the erosion of free expression. The concept of neo- censorship refers to a type of censorship that is not imposed by any state authority but by private parties. It is becoming increasingly evident that there are growing threats to the freedom of expression and the free dissemination of ideas and texts, which are being kept on a tight rein or even deterred by censorship-like phenomena. These include self-censorship, market censorship and silent repression and threats to writers, journalists and publishers. The issue of neo-censorship will be discussed in four different sessions. Please click here for the programme.

On the eve of the symposium, at the opening ceremony on Thursday September 18th the IPA Freedom to Publish Prize will be presented.

The official language of the symposium is English.

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Venue 18 September: Portuguese Synagogue, Mr. Visserplein 3, Amsterdam.
Venue 19 and 20 September: De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, Amsterdam.


the de balie site


I can't find any information about whether the conference will be streamed live from the de balie or whether it will be online at a later date.

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