17 August, 2008

If I Can’t Dance - part 3

2008 - 2010


If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution launches its new, third edition. The departure point for this edition is to explore a conceptual framework of the masquerade. This can be read in the light of If I Can’t Dance...’s continuing exploration of paradigms such as performativity, theatricality and feminism(s), produced in collaboration with artists in the form of experimental sketches, performances, readings, exhibitions, enactments etc., since its inception in 2005.

By jumping into the intractably spectacular topos of performance and theatre-based regimes, If I Can’t Dance... through its unfolding production methodology probes, embraces and even sometimes collapses certain tenets of display and legibility employed in the visual arts, aiming to articulate a politics of perception. Key to this practice is working with a select number of artists (in repertory) over a longer period and generating multiple spaces, contexts and possibilities for them to robustly engage and produce new work and insight into the emergent subject matter.

Over the next two years, If I Can’t Dance… will have manifestations in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Bilbao, Dublin and Eindhoven, collaborating with Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, de Appel arts centre, Sala Rekalde, Project Arts Centre and the Van Abbemuseum. Keren Cytter, Jon Mikel Euba, Olivier Foulon, Suchan Kinoshita, Joachim Koester and Sarah Pierce are invited to produce new projects that will be developed within the time frame of two years, and presented at the subsequent moments when If I Can’t Dance… will visit the institutions mentioned.

Edition III looks at forms of masking, mimicry, parody and assimilation. Areas for exploration include the construction of subjectivity, modes of formalized and ritualized behaviour, codes of contemporary transgressive and normative action, authenticity and falseness etc. In addition to the masquerade as subject matter in art, attention is directed to its manifestations in the methodologies of art making, manifesting themselves in for instance choreographies of detour, suspension and metonymy, activating that what is latent. As such, If I Can’t Dance... aims to articulate in art’s production and reception both, the apparent narrative, and that which remains illegible or invisible, as vital actors.

The prologue of Edition III will take place in Copenhagen. In a day-long programme in Overgaden, the artists involved will present their ideas on the projects to be developed. In Karriere Bar the stage is set for a performance of Planningtorock. In the University of Copenhagen, on the occasion of the conference Interregnum (August 20-24) organised by the university in collaboration with Performance Studies international, Frederique Bergholtz and Annie Fletcher will give a lecture on If I Can’t Dance… and its development.


Lecture by Frederique Bergholtz and Annie Fletcher on If I Can’t Dance...
Address: University of Copenhagen, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, Room 22.0.47, Blixens Vej 1, 2300 Copenhagen S
(+45) 35 32 92 74
info@interregnum.dk, http://www.interregnum.dk

Prologue Edition III. Presentations: Keren Cytter, Jon Mikel Euba, Olivier Foulon, Suchan Kinoshita, Joachim Koester and Sarah Pierce. Moderator: Lars Bang Larsen.
Address: Overgaden. Institute of Contemporary Art, Overgaden Neden Vandet 17, 1414 Copenhagen K
(+45) 32 57 72 73,
info@overgaden.org, http://www.overgaden.org

Performance by Planningtorock
Address: Karriere contemporary art & social life, Flaesketorvet 57-67, 1711 Copenhagen V,
(+45) 33 21 55 09
info@karrierebar.com, http://www.karrierebar.com

A complete programme of events and ticket and reservation information is available at http://www.ificantdance.org

Episode 1 will take place in de Appel arts centre in Amsterdam, from September 26 – November 9 2008.


Since the beginning of 2008, If I Can’t Dance… has established itself as an independent foundation with a permanent production base in Amsterdam. The team consist of Frederique Bergholtz (Financial and Artistic Director), Annie Fletcher (Artistic Director), Maaike Gouwenberg (Production / Curator), Claud Biemans (Finances), Marcel van den Berg (Communication) and Flora Lysen (Research).


Overgaden, København – DK; de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam – NL; Sala Rekalde, Bilbao – ES; Project Arts Centre, Dublin – IE; Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven – NL

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