02 December, 2007

you thought we wouldn’t notice

Welcome to ‘you thought we wouldn’t notice’ a site dedicated to pointing out those thing’s that give you that feeling of ‘haven’t l seen that somewhere before?”

This is a open blog so anyone can post anything, therefore we don’t have control over what is put up.We can only delete it once it’s there.
If anyone has any issues with any of the posts please email us on ytwwn [at] youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com

Anyone posting PLEASE check your sources.
These are some of the reasons you shouldn’t post here:

  • It could be a commissioned work.
  • It could be a tribute.
  • Or it could be credited.
  • It could be the same idea by different people

Please check that it not the case before posting.

There is often reasons why you may have ’seen it before’ please check that your post that it doesn’t come under the following:

  • Parodies: intentional copies mocking the original
  • Same Influences/Inspirations: If someone was inspired by “a plane hitting a building” to create there art you can’t stop anyone else from having the same inspiration.
  • References: As above & If someone makes an illustration of a photo it is still there work (look at andy warhol)
    Style: You can’t really own a style. These ones may be judge case by case. post and let the readers decide.
  • Artist Vs Artist stuff is just so bitchy, I would much rather see artist vs company issues posted here

Some post may be left due to the comments that are more interesting then the post, but we try to delete anything before it gets that far.

If you need help in posting please see the ‘how to’ guide here.


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