08 December, 2007

SOLSTICE Postcard Exchange Archive

In 2002 Print Australia launched the Solstice Exchange as archived below.

In 2003 and 2004 the exchange was
redesigned and named the SSNW Southern Summer Northern Winter Miniature Print Exchange.

In 2005, the exchange was renamed the Lyrebyrd Miniature Print Exchange. The Lyrebyrd exchange is an annual event conducted exclusively for Lyrebyrd members.

NEW: A full history of the Print Australia miniprint exchange is now on the NEW Print Australia website here.

The Solstice Exchange has been republished here with a slideshow of the prints.

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SOLSTICE Postcard Exchange

We are proud to announce our first 'fun' exchange for PA members. The format is a postcard, in envelope, and will be an annual event. Each person will receive a list of participants. Use it like your Christmas card list, one card per person and one for the PA archives please. As it is a fun exchange these do not have to be editioned prints. The fun part is receiving the postcards in your mailbox over a period of weeks.

Subject: Solstice - when the sun is the furthest from the equator... eg December (22) and June (21) approximately.... (Quote: Collins Australian Pocket English Dictionary) Known as Summer and Winter Solstice or Winter and Summer Solstice!

Size: Postcard 6" x 4" or 15cm x 9.5cm ( Please send in an envelope)

Medium: Any traditional technique but no computer generated ones please (this time)

Participation fee: None

Time for Completion: ASAP (As soon as possible) but if you sign up it is your responsibility to fulfill your obligation! Please try to get them all in the post before 1st March 2003.

If you post them around Christmas you could perhaps sneak them through the post at Christmas Postage Rates, too!!! Shhhhhhhh!

Exchange Rules:
* Would members who would like to be included in this exchange please email Jan.

* The co-ordinator will make up a list of names and addresses and send them via email only to those people listed on this exchange list. To protect your privacy, please do not post your address to the Print Australia mailing list.

* Postcards (in envelopes) are to be sent to each individual participant, not to the co-ordinator.

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