27 February, 2007

Richard Anuszkiewicz

The artist is best known for his geometrical networks of coloured lines. Since the early 1960s, the Artist has also created screenprints, lithographs and prints made by intaglio techniques, all within the realms of Op art.


A student of Josef Albers, he shares Albers' fascination with shapes and their relationships to color. Considered a major force in the op art movement, Anuszkiewicz is concerned with the optical changes that occur when different high-intensity colors are applied to the same geometric configurations. Each of his prints has its own rhythm and, therefore, its own energy as part of a lyrical composition.


Anuszkiewicz is one
of the artists featured in the exhibition “Op Art” at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt featured in this earlier post

A friend obtained a copy of the catalogue for me and the exhibition looks very good.

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