23 February, 2007

Gilbert & George

Gilbert & George on show at the Tate Modern in London

Bérénice Bailly met the British artists Gilbert & George, as a retrospective of their work is being presented at the Tate Modern in London until May 7th.

They consider the exhibition is "an extraordinary moment, an explosion. Our last retrospective in this country took place in 1981 ! For forty years now, we have been rejected by the art establishment and this is continuing: the critics are sharpening their knives. But they forget that we have a huge following here. What is equally important is the fact that we have had no problems of censoring with this exhibition. It could never be held in an American museum, never in a million years."

According to them, art can change the world, because, "forty years ago, you ended up in prison as soon as you were different, sexually or racially. Today you are free to express yourself. We like to think that we have played a little role in this evolution." (16/02/2007)
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Film 1 - Gilbert & George introduce their exhibition.

George: We are very excited to be having this exhibition at Tate Modern because it is the first time a living artist has occupied the whole of the fourth floor, and it is very exciting that it is a first time British artists have exhibited at Tate Modern.

Film 2 - Gilbert & George explain how they keep track of the source material, indexing everything.

Film 3 - Gilbert & George never show their sketches publicly, but here, the artists offer a private view.

Film 4 - Gilbert & George discuss their use of computers to design their pictures

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