29 January, 2007

Australia's convict heritage

Port Arthur Historic Site (Tasman Peninsula)

Australia's convict heritage goes global

The Australian Government, in partnership with relevant state and territory governments, is preparing a nomination for World Heritage listing of 11 of Australia's convict sites as an exceptional example of the global story of forced migration.

The sites that are expected to be collectively nominated for the World Heritage List are:

  • New South Wales: Old Government House (Parramatta in Sydney), Hyde Park Barracks (Sydney), Cockatoo Island Convict Site (Sydney) and Great North Road (near Wiseman's Ferry)
  • Norfolk Island: Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area
  • Tasmania: Port Arthur Historic Site (Tasman Peninsula), Cascades Female Factory Site (Hobart), Darlington Probation Station (Maria Island), Coal Mines Historic Site (via Premadeyna) and Brickendon-Woolmers Estates (near Longford)
  • Western Australia: Fremantle Prison

The Department of the Environment and Heritage welcomes comments from interested groups and individuals on the 11 places that form the Australian convict sites nomination. Please contact: WHConvicts@deh.gov.au
World Heritage Team
Heritage Division
PO Box 787
Canberra ACT 2600

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Port Arthur Historic Site was one of the places we visited this month.

It cost $25 each to get in. This included

- Site entry fee, {some of the buildings were closed}.
- An interactive exhibiton {disney ride} which we didnt do. It would be suitable for keeping school tours entertained.
- A 45 minute tour which we also didnt do. If you wanted the audio gude self tour it cost extra.
- A ferry ride to the island, which we didnt do. If you wanted to get off and see the island, that cost extra, and you were given an allocated time to take the cruise which didnt necessarily suit.

We would have preferred the choice to select which components of the site entry we actually wanted to see and pay for.


This card set was on display in the governer's house. Can anyone identify it and provide any information please?

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