11 February, 2006

Kippenberger at the tate

Germany - Süddeutsche Zeitung.

London's Tate Modern is showing
a major retrospective dedicated to German artist Martin Kippenberger, who died in 1997.

According to Holger Liebs,
Kippenberger, who was never fond of retrospectives, would have liked this one because the London curators took Kippenberger's "Love of shown work" seriously. Liebs explains why the British are so fond of the artist. "For the British, this strange German is more or less new territory; he's somewhere between the off-beat pop of the Young British Artists and the politics of Joseph Beuys' work. The German sense of guilt is particularly fascinating for the British. None of the critical reviews failed to mention the sculpture series 'Martin, stand in the corner. Shame on you!' (1989). Kippenberger's self-portraits of himself standing in the corner, in some cases crimson with shame, pepper the show as a running gag. He made them after he was accused of using Nazi symbols." +++


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