01 February, 2006

bones of the skin

bones of the skin will challenge us to think about how we understand our bodies and the ways this is influenced by the world around us. The naked body is seen as our most natural state, yet humans have beautified, manipulated, modified, mutilated and adorned the body as far back as recorded history reaches.

With advances in science, medicine and biotechnology, the tools for manipulating our bodies have the potential to disrupt the ‘natural order' at a deeper level than ever before; while images of the ideal body permeate every aspect of our media saturated culture. How we define ourselves is now subject to exterior influence more than ever before.

Contemporary artists will manipulate, modify and adorn the body with intriguing and provoking effect . . . along the way, giving us an insight into their personal perspective of what it means to be inside their own skin.

Internationally and nationally renowned artists along with a number of local and emerging artists will utilise cutting edge technology in image capture and digital manipulation along with a range of media including installation, video, photography, performance and multimedia.

Supported by the Commonwealth Governments Young + Emerging Artist Initiative through the Australia Council, The John Curtin Gallery and Escape Day Spas.


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