21 September, 2005


Stirring - Vol 25 No 3

Polemical essays in Stirring address the 'white thing' of Indigenous art, the track record of AbaF, the challenge to traditional printmaking from the new giclée technology, the Australia Council and Howardism, and take a slightly irreverent look at the international biennials of the world.

Remote - Vol 25 No 2

Remote is an exploration in texts and images of the cultures of the remote areas of Australia - the Top End and the Centre. It looks at the visual arts production of both Indigenous and whitefella artists across the whole region and is going to be a very significant landmark in documenting the new spirit of exchange and collaboration between peoples of different cultural backgrounds. Acclaimed guest editor Cath Bowdler calls this 'the intercultural', because it is "that which differentiates the remote experience most markedly".


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