06 September, 2013

Global Art: Symposium

Symposium on Global Art in Salzburg

Salzburg, 30 June 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Swiss and Austrian departements of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) and the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts are hosting a symposium on global art from 29 July to 30 July 2011.

The symposium will engage with the way in which art is globalising, like all other sectors. Several questions will be approached, such as: “Does global art refer generally to art created no longer from the standpoint of western cultural superiority, but from the experience of globality and under the conditions of globalisation?” (xerem.org). Does international art exist? Does global art have an influence on contemporary art?

In spite of the steady development of Chinese art, the West has always imposed itself on the art market. For instance, Japanese contemporary art has not really spread to Western countries and African art has only recently attained recognition as an art form.

However, it is noteworthy that auction prices for Japanese art have risen since China’s domination of the art market, sparking an international interest in Asian ancient and contemporary art.

The guest speakers at the symposium will be: Nancy Adajania, Hans Belting, Bassam El Baroni, Peter Friedl, Samuel Herzog, Monica Juneja, Jitish Kallat, Maria Lind, Gerardo Mosquera, Senam Okudzeto and Simone Wille.


Globalisation is generally taken to refer to an economic process. But what does this worldwide development signify for art? Are we at the beginning of a new development, which we might call global art -- and what do we understand by this? How far do the new living conditions of globality influence contemporary art? Since art has been internationally linked for centuries, is there now some new quality that distinguishes global art? How does what we might call global art relate to the debate on post-colonialism?


Introduction: Hildagund Amand


Hans Belting - "World art and global art. A new challenge to art history";
Lecture at the 29 July 2011 @ GLOBAL ART SYMPOSIUM 2011; ©2011 Laura Kokoshka, Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Hans Belting

Hans Belting, art historian, professor emeritus at the State University of Arts and Design, Karlsruhe.


The remaining videos can be found on the Summer Academy site.

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