23 August, 2013

Art Market and Art Fairs

'(Art) Dealers worldwide earned about 36 percent of their sales on average through local or international art fairs in 2012, an increase of 6 percentage points from 2010, according to the European Fine Art Foundation’s Art Market Report by Arts Economics, which surveyed 6,000 dealers. '

Report (March 2013) link: http://www.tefaf.com/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=148&tabindex=147&postid=13221

'While some smaller dealers get better exposure by showing alongside bigger galleries at fairs, many struggle even to get past the long waiting lists for entrance into the fairs, while those that win access must work hard to recoup the costs, including the booth fee, airfares, hotels and entertainment. Just a booth can start at $15,000, go to $40,000 or so for a midsize gallery, or even $100,000 and above for a larger space. '

'Some big New York galleries then send as many as 20 employees to staff the fairs; travel, hotels and parties for collectors, as well as insurance and installation for the art, can push the cost past $300,000 for one fair alone. '

'The Arts Economics report found that sales by dealers with annual revenue of less than 500,000 euros fell 17 percent in 2012, whereas sales for dealers with annual revenue exceeding 10 million euros rose 55 percent. Worldwide, the top one-tenth of dealers account for more than 60 percent of total gallery sales above 20 billion euros. '
According to the Web site Galleries of New York, which collates real estate data, the number of galleries in the big art districts has declined in the past few years — galleries in West Chelsea have fallen to 282 from a peak of 364 in 2007; those in SoHo have dropped to 87 from 337 in 1995. 

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Art Events September 2013:source http://www.artvista.de

Shanghai Art Fair 

SAFOTO San Antonio 

Arte Salta 

Art Gwangju 2012 

Great Sydney Antiques Fair 

Joburg Art Fair 

PETERSFIELD Antiques Fair 

Shanghai Contemporary 

Gwangju Biennale 

20/21 British Art Fair 

Berliner Liste 

Preview Berlin - The Emerging Art Fair 

Art Copenhagen 

Mediations Biennale 

Chelsea Antiques Fair 

International Art fair ART MOSCOW 

Art Amsterdam  



BAAF Brussels Accessible Art Fair 

ARTNÎM - Nimes  

Antiques and Art at the Armory 

KIAF Korea International Art Fair 

Busan Biennial  

Biennial de São Paulo 

Illustrative 12 Berlin 

Art Platform - Los Angeles 

Taipei Biennale  

Venice Biennial  

Les Rencontres d'Arles  


Contour - 6th Biennial of Moving Image 

abc art berlin contemporary  

ROMA Contemporary Art 

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