13 July, 2010

Impact 7 - Melbourne

International Multi-disciplinary Printmaking Conference
27 - 30 September 2011
Monash University, Melbourne Australia


IMPACT 7: Intersections & Counterpoints will focus on the multiple identity of the print, exploring the cross-disciplinary nature of printmedia internationally and in the context of the Asia-Pacific region. Printmedia will be explored as a heterogeneous, diverse and all pervading aspect of contemporary culture. Often located at the intersections of disciplines and media, it is also a powerful political vehicle, generating discourse and debate by virtue of its wide dissemination and ability to offer counterpoints to the norm. The conference addresses practitioners, writers, critics, artists, theorists, and others working in the broad fields of print-related research. It aims to provide a platform in which practitioners and researchers can engage in a mutually productive exchange. Media identified by the conference will include but not be limited to:

Printmaking, Photography, Graphic Design, Architecture, Drawing, The Artist’s Book, Text, Animation, Film and Digital Media, Jewellery and Metalsmith, Glass, Ceramic and Textile

more info: http://impact7.org.au/themes.html

A gentle reminder that paper abstracts are due: Friday 30 July 2010.

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