10 March, 2010

Symposium - Art Curatorship

Interrogating Art Curatorship in Australia

Keynote Address: 12 March 2010

Symposium: 13-14 March 2010

Curatorship Symposium Program

What are the defining characteristics of art curatorship in Australia? How does the experience of living in Australia shape professional practice in our art museums? This symposium will interrogate the central components of a curator's working life: the creation and development of collections, and the performative act of the exhibition and its interpretation.

The conference will consist of keynote addresses and sessions of three 30-minute papers to be followed by a convenor-led discussion with questions. Sessions include the following titles:
  • Curators and Collections
  • Alternative modes of Curatorship
  • Curators and Spaces
  • Biennales and beyond
  • From Institutional to Independent
Both events are free of charge, but please register by sending your contact details, indicating whether you will be attending the public lecture and/or the symposium

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