18 June, 2009

VROOM! - Paris

In this video, David Rosenberg talks about the concept of the exhibition, the connection between comics and contemporary art, and depicts this link between the two art genres based on visual elements such as the speech bubbles (used for example by Rivane Neuenschwander or Sammy Engramer). The exhibition has been commissioned by David Rosenberg and Pierre Sterckx.



VROOM ! Comics and contemporary art

Until September 27, 2009

la maison rouge
10 bd de la bastille
75012 Paris, france


Little Nemo, Yellow Kid, Tintin, Blake and Mortimer, Mickey, Superman, Asterix, Blueberry, Astro Boy, Le Chat… The characters and heroes which the great comic-strip authors have brought to life have done more than just delight millions of readers around the world; they have also influenced artists such as Erró, Takashi Murakami, Wim Delvoye, Bertrand Lavier, Alain Séchas, Wang Du and Gilles Barbier.

VROOM! presents some of the rarest and funniest strips – two hundred in all - face to face with some fifty contemporary artworks (wall paintings, installations, etc.).

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