21 May, 2009

Art Melbourne 2009

The Weekend Australian Art Melbourne:
Affordable & Collectable
16 – 19 April 2009, Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton

The Weekend Australian Art Melbourne will return to the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton from 16 – 19 April 2009. Bringing together Melbourne's vibrant art scene and showcasing an extensive range of art to buy, The Weekend Australian Art Melbourne includes hundreds of artworks by artists ranging from contemporary to traditional and emerging to investment.


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Off the Wall

Getting your foot in the door of commercial art galleries can be the most difficult step an artist has to take. Off The Wall provides a great opportunity not just to sell work, but also to get noticed by some of Australia's best art galleries, curators and consultants.

Since 2004, we have shown over 200 emerging artists and successfully placed over 75% of them of in some of Australia's most successful art galleries.

Off the Wall has rapidly become one of the most important platforms for contemporary emerging art in Australia and has been instrumental in helping literally hundreds of artists realise their potential.

Off The Wall is a major feature of The Weekend Australian Art Melbourne and Art Sydney and is dedicated to the promotion of independent and unrepresented artists. It is a rare opportunity for the work of undiscovered artists to be viewed by thousands of active art buyers and over 100 commercial galleries.

We also provide free professional development seminars and career advice on site for all applicants. All applicants recieve two free tickets for weekend entry. Art Sydney 09 is held 22- 25 October

Closing date for applications is 17 July

Art Brisbane will be back in 2010, stay tuned for details of dates and venue.

check out the artist listing for all of the applicant images. Please note that only the selected artists will have their work displayed on our website for Art Sydney 2009.

selected artists

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