10 September, 2008

Taipei Artist Village


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The cafe here serves great burgers. You can sit on the terrace and have a cold beer.

Area of Services

1) Artist-In-Residence Program (AIR)

Taipei Artists Village provide residency program for artists in Taiwan and around the world. There are three main components to the Taipei Artist Village (TAV) AIR program:

International AIR exchange program
Taipei Artist Village International Residency program
Taiwan Artist sponsoring program

The Taipei Artist Village International Residency program is designed for individual artist who wish to reside in TAV at their expense.

TAV provides a perfect destination for the International AIR program, which allows artists from around the world and Taiwan a common place for collaboration. There are almost 30 countries and many more organizations currently participating in the exchange program with TAV, including: SSAMZIE SPACE (Korea), SACATAR FOUNDATION (Brazil), FCS, Australia-China Council, Asia Link, Gasworks (England), Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art (Finland), The O.K. Center for Contemporary Art (Austria), ASPCC (U.S.) and many others. One of Taipei Artist Village's goals is to build strong relationships with more cities around the world, particularly in Asia, and make more contributions in the field.

2) Promotional program

Taipei Artist Village organizes a variety of events and promotions to support artists with their projects. Some of the events are "Open Studios", "Workshops", and "Artreach Seminars", educational programs, as well as "Curator Visit" meetings.

3) Exhibition and Performing program

The Taipei Artist Village is the wonderful location to keep in mind for artists who wish to participate in the AIR program. TAV's exhibition and performance program helps artists find connections with other artists and locations around the world leading to further exploration and contributions to the city. The exhibition spaces are available for non-TAV exhibitions for professional and amateur level artists when not reserved for AIR program events.

4) Dynamic Arts

TAV develops a regular exhibition/performance schedule for both resident artists and the local art community in order to promote interaction between artists and the general public. Taipei Artist Village also has a retail center and coffee shop that offers art-related products to the general public. The TAV coffee shop provides a prefect place for activities related to art, ranging from food tasting and stimulating conversation to display and sale of artists' work and related merchandise. TAV is planning to help artists further by developing limited edition merchandise related to the artists' work where feasible and desired by the artists.

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