28 July, 2008

Adriaen Coorte

Many visitors to the Mauritshuis are familiar with Adriaen Coorte’s bowl of strawberries. This small painting has long been a favorite of the public and inspired the Mauritshuis to stage an exhibition of the artist’s work in 2008.

Adriaen Coorte was active as a still-life painter in Middelburg between about 1683 and 1707. His paintings are characterised by great simplicity and intimate compositions, often of fruit, vegetables or shells on a stone plinth and beautifully spotlighted against a dark background. Approximately 80 signed paintings by Coorte are known, two of which are in the Mauritshuis.



One of the joys of travelling is the new artists that you "discover". Adriaen Coorte is one of these. I first found him in the Rijksmusem, then the Louvre and now the Maurithuis has published a beautiful catalogue of his works. Enjoy.

Here is an image search of his works

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