15 August, 2007

The Thin Green Line

Aussie park ranger Sean Willmore, armed with a borrowed camera, set out in 2004 to create a documentary about the dangers of his work.

Willmore, from Victoria, travelled around the world and returned with many hours of footage, but virtually no money.

Then a story about Willmore's adventure went to air on ABC TV's The 7.30 Report. It struck a chord with many viewers. And earlier this week The Thin Green Line finally had its premiere at Melbourne's Astor Theatre.

The documentary was also seen by 12,000 people in theatres and private homes across the globe.

Willmore says the night was the realisation of his dream, to document the often dangerous experiences of his fellow park rangers.

"Thank you. It's been a wonderful journey and it's quite amazing to be standing here in front of you all tonight," he said.

"Thank you for supporting it."

Willmore says he hopes to sell copies of the documentary to raise money for the families of rangers killed in the line of duty.

"I don't think I'd overstate it if I said that they're actually, probably, you know, my heroes as well," he said.

"They're unsung heroes and that's why we've done the film."

Brisbane man Pat Gerry saw The 7.30 Report piece about Willmore and decided to get on board.

"To witness an Australian who got off his backside and risked everything for the wildlife, to me and my family was one [project] where we just had to be involved," he said.

Mr Gerry donated $25,000 to the project.

"What that did was enable Sean to not need to go back to work," he said.

"And by not needing to go back to work, he could focus fulltime on getting [the documentary] up and running."

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