13 September, 2006

ceramics links

Ceramics Links - Victoria and Albert Museum
Includes an extensive links directory, and an online gallery showing a range of contemporary ceramic art.

The American Ceramic Society
Ceramic Links.

Links to Ceramic Artists (ClayStation)
Comprehensive list of links to Ceramic ... Lots of information for potters, lessons plans, ceramics links and more. ...

Collection of pottery related links and resources of interest to the ceramic arts field.

the "electronic voice of potters worldwide." Subscriber-initiated discussions range from questions/answers on materials and techniques to business advice and philosophical debate.

the Australian Ceramics official mailing list page.
The Potters' Society Discussion List aims to facilitate direct discussion amongst Society members and other site visitors. You may have a technical question (or an answer); you might want to trace the maker or origins of a favourite ceramic piece; you may have some news to share or an issue to raise; you may be seeking a studio employment opportunity in Australia.

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