08 January, 2006

Short St Gallery Broome

Short St. Gallery is a small gallery located in the heart of Chinatown in Broome, Western Australia.

It is an old building (over 100 years) and is the last remaining house with a wind tunnel. It is an important part of the Aboriginal, Malay & Japanese history in Broome.

The building has been operating as a gallery since 1998, and houses a comprehensive collection of indigenous contemporary artworks, presenting artists from all over Australia including Roy Wiggan, Lily Karadada, Boxer Milner, Tjumpo, Tim Cook, Paji Honeychild, Daisy Andrews, Freddie Timms, Paddy Bedford, Patrick Mung Mung, Fiona Omeenyo, Freda Warlapinini, and many more.

The gallery seeks to educate and proudly show the stylistic diversity of the different cultures which make up the Kimberley and Australia. From the saltwater to the freshwater, to the desert people, Short St. offers a glimpse at the extremely sophisticated dynamic landscape which is Australian art.

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