20 November, 2013

Contemporary Art: Japan

On March 15, 2013, Mori Art Museum Chief Curator Mami Kataoka presented a lecture at the Art Gallery of Ontario titled "Contemporary Art in Japan: Visions and Views of the Universe."

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15 November, 2013

Artbank Sturgeon Magazine

Watch the Four Corners feature on the launch of Artbank, featuring an interview with founding Director, Graeme Sturgeon. It originally aired on ABC TV, 23 August 1980. Here


Thirty three years later, Artbank has launched a bi-annual art magazine and website named after Sturgeon.

"The launch of Australian government art rental agency Artbank’s new biannual (sic) magazine, Sturgeon, is a major milestone for the organization (sic), which functions as a platform for the support and promotion of contemporary Australian art through its art rental program as well as through commissioned artworks. " and "To complement the magazine, Artbank have launched a great new website (sturgeonmagazine.com.au) that features article previews, additional web-only content, and information on upcoming issues. "


12 November, 2013

Perry on Taste 2

This is the second post on Grayson Perry's Tapestries
Part 1 on the working class is here

Part 2 Middle Class Tunbridge Wells


The Expulsion from Number 8 Eden Close

The Annunciation of the Virgin Deal

Perry on Taste 1

The first of three posts on Grayson Perry's Tapestries

"The Vanity of Small Differences, a series of six exuberant tapestries by Grayson Perry have been bought by the Arts Council Collection and British Council.

Bursting with colour, cultural references and Perry’s trademark wit, the six monumental works narrate the story of social mobility and cultural taste across the classes in contemporary British society. Created alongside the popular Channel 4 series All in the Best Possible Taste with Grayson Perry, the artist took his inspiration from Hogarth’s A Rake’s Progress.

The tapestries chart the ‘class journey’ made by young Tim Rakewell and include many of the characters, incidents and objects Grayson Perry encountered on journeys through Sunderland, Tunbridge Wells and The Cotswolds for the series.

The medium on which these tableaus of British taste have been captured is of course very apt; Perry has literally woven the threads of society into his vivid and humorous vision of the ‘rich tapestry of life’."


Grayson Perry explains The Vanity of Small Differences, the series of six tapestries he's created alongside the television series. Here


Part 1: Working Class Sunderland

The Adoration of the Cage Fighters 2012

The Agony in the Car Park 2012